President Sawyer Dilks

Sawyer Dilks

(609) 246-8388
Vice President Karan Acharya

Karan Acharya

Vice President
(609) 380-0931
Corresponding Secretary Angela Chen

Angela Chen

Corresponding Secretary
(609) 635-3536
Recording Secretary Justin Chen

Justin Chen

Recording Secretary
(609) 800-3652
Treasurer Mayuri Acharya

Mayuri Acharya

(609) 513-9719
Bulletin Editor Nash Alamgir

Nash Alamgir

Bulletin Editor
(609) 236-9833
Webmaster Mustafa Samet Cimen

Mustafa Samet Cimen

(609) 742-9665

NJ District Board and Club Adviser

Lieutenant Governor Diana Dang

Diana Dang

Lieutenant Governor of Division 2
(609) 705-9926
District Treasurer Laine Elliott

Laine Elliott

District Treasurer
(609) 365-9058
Adviser Scott Migliore

Mr. Migliore

Room D202
Adviser Ms. Roberts

Ms. Roberts

Teen Center

EHT Kiwanis Board

Kiwanis Paul Hodson

Paul Hodson

Kiwanis President
(609) 653-8309
Kiwanis Charlene Canale

Charlene Canale

Kiwanis Secretary
(609) 576-4101

Committee Chairs

Commitee Chair Emilomo Unuigbe

Emilomo Unuigbe

Special Events
(609) 287-9767
Commitee Chair Afnan Habib

Afnan Habib

Special Events
(609) 770-1264
Commitee Chair Antares Dang

Antares Dang

Special Events
(609) 705-9903
Commitee Chair Emma Liang

Emma Liang

Major Emphasis and Advocacy
(609) 350-5083
Commitee Chair Sadia Rahman

Sadia Rahman

Major Emphasis and Advocacy
(609) 553-6170
Commitee Chair Meihan Chen

Meihan Chen

Preferred Charities
(646) 785-2968
Commitee Chair Salaar Iftikhar

Salaar Iftikhar

Preferred Charities
(609) 277-5512
Commitee Chair Emily Mark

Emily Mark

(609) 968-4863s
Commitee Chair Carrie Chen

Carrie Chen

(609) 686-5337
Commitee Chair Zoey Chen

Zoey Chen

(609) 727-5036
Commitee Chair Demi Lu

Demi Lu

Public Relations
(609) 382-6256
Commitee Chair Maggie Chen

Maggie Chen

Public Relations
(609) 506-0008
Commitee Chair Corey lin

Corey Lin

(609) 594-6469
Commitee Chair Smari Chowdhury

Samir Chowdhury

(609) 721-1245
Commitee Chair Jason Wang

Jason Wang

(917) 833-9894
Commitee Chair Roger Flores

Roger Flores

(609) 992-4063
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