Hey everyone! Volleyball-A-Thon is coming up on February 14, which is a volleyball tournament hosted by the Special Events Committee to raise money for the Community Food Bank!!! It is open to ALL EHTHS students, faculty, and alumni, and it will take place in the gym from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.

We encourage as many people as possible to make a team and try for a chance to win! Your team can have any combination of staff, students, and faculty as long as 2 girls are on the team, and 1 girl is playing on the court at all times. All participants will get a slice of pizza and a water during the break. There will be concessions sold at the event, and the team entry fee, regardless of the number of members, is $100 ($10 per person on a 10 person team).

If you have any questions regarding the event, contact Joey Johnston, Ivan Wang, or Arwa Muhamed. We hope to see everyone there!

If you plan on playing, be sure to read the rules, as this is how referees will determine calls. All rulings by the head referee are FINAL!

Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zaY10-CkqZ9hnyvZgEVqNM2Q1EpZ7vnztKrG8PMhtMs

Refer to the forms below to sign up. Turn them into Mrs. Phillips (E111) or give them to an officer by January 31.

Captain’s Form: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lHx3QSsH-B2evtJ06BzBQ9hcfPrfjgtnqd96efODMGw

Permission Form:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Rh-ZGasN9vWuTSS69gqk99YlYTf839Yox2g1WdiDxlM/edit

VBAT Reffing!

Hey Everyone! You now have the chance to sign up to be a Volleyball-A-Thon Referee for VBAT on Friday, February 14th, 2020. This is a great chance for you to hang out with your friends, get some more hours, and run the games! Come out to our interest meeting on Thursday, January 16th, 2020 in Lower Cafe. It’s a mandatory meeting for anyone who is interested in signing up. We will be ordering shirts and training volunteers to understand the rules and procedures of VBAT. We’ll be having our second training day after school on Monday, January 27th, 2020. More information will be added later!

Sign up on the spreadsheet below!https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10_ICQ3ZJnklM4NIJqxz_ybP7Hm0vbat_jIIWepjXAis

VBAT Donations!

We will be collecting donations for the upcoming Volleyball-A-Thon. Please make sure you only bring in non-perishable items such as water, gatorade, chips (only in SMALL packs), and other individually packed items. If you have something that you’d like to donate but are unsure about, contact a Special Events OCC and ask. Drop off your donations at E111 (Mrs. Phillips’ room) and you will be rewarded with hours (3 max.). Sign up sheet below!!


Walk for Water

Walk for Water 2019

This year, we are holding our 2nd annual Walk for Water, in partnership with the Thirst Project. The Thirst Project is a nonprofit organization that raises funds to send missions to countries that do not have clean water sources, and help them build wells and reservoirs in order to provide water for whole villages and communities. Last year, we raised about $400. This year, our fundraising goal for the Thirst Project is $2,000, and you can help us reach our goals!

Our Walk for Water is going to be held on Saturday, November 16, registration starting at 12:00 pm. It will be held at our EHT High School Track at 12:30 pm. Admission is $5, and 100% of this donation goes directly to reaching our fundraising goals for the Thirst Project. You will earn volunteer hours for attending this event. There are two ways your are able to sign up to attend: online or on-site. If you are interested in registering early, then you can use the Walk website (linked below) to register using a card. If you would rather prefer to register on-site, donations will be accepted at the walk. Either way of registration is completely fine and safe!

Our walk will have food, music, and many more great things so please plan on attending. This is a family event, so anyone is able to come: your mom, dad, siblings or even pet goldfish! It will be an amazing time so come out and help raise money for thirsty children around the world. If you have any questions, please contact Natasha Iqbal (contact information can be found at the bottom of the Board page). Register and spread the word! Hope to see you there!


Walk for Water Donations

We are asking for donations for our 2019 Walk for Water. Since our Walk will be such a HUGE event, we are asking for donations of food and drinks such as granola bars, fruit snacks, cases of water, etc. A list of all the items and the quantity we need can be found on the google doc below. Depending on how much you donate, you will be able to receive up to 3 extra hours! Please drop off all food to E111. If you are able to donate, please list your name, grade, item you’re donating and the quantity you are donating on the google doc below, and when you drop off your donations please write your name on them so you get the credit you deserve. A minimum of 1 box of food or 3 cases of water are necessary to receive 1 hour, and from there you can earn more! If you have any questions, again, please contact Natasha Iqbal. 



Induction Dinner

The Annual Key Club Induction Dinner is on November 15th, 2019!

This event is MANDATORY for all new Key Club members in order to be officially inducted into Key Club. If you are a returning member, you are more than welcome to attend. You can bring a guest with you to the induction dinner for a discounted price too.

The theme this year is the Jungle! There will be raffles, so bring extra money if you want to win the prizes!!

Message a Special Events Committee Chair (located on the Board page) for any questions.

Forms are now available!! You can either print them out from the Forms page or pick them up from Mrs. Phillips’s room, E111. The Induction Dinner forms and money are due by Wednesday, November 6th and must be turned in to Mrs. Phillips in E111 by the end of the day.


We would love to hear feedback from everyone about your likes/dislikes about events, or any ideas you have for who/where we can help and what events you’d like to see!

The feedback form is at the bottom of every page on this website: https://www.ehtkeyclub.com/feedback/

Also, I hope that those who went to Fall Rally (and everyone in general!) are inspired to continue volunteering and having fun in Key Club! There are many events that will continue to be posted, especially where organizers reach out to us requesting and relying on our help! We do a lot to help our community, and I wish that you all are able to find out for yourselves the reason/why you are in Key Club.

Random commentary about Fall Rally: “Fall Rally was really fun! I got to spend the entire day chatting and going on rides with my friends, and I had a really good bonding experience with them. It’s cool that key club took us to six flags for something key club related :o”

Membership Update

Hi! As you may have noticed, the members who handed in their forms during the general meeting or prior were added to the website and to the Membership Update Center early last week.

Currently, we are working on adding all the members from after the general meeting onto the website. Let us know if there are any errors. Stay tuned!

Google Classroom + Remind

Please join the Key Club Google Classroom to stay updated with important events and updates 

Code: y7xs2a

Please also join the Key Club Remind for important push notifications that include reminders for meetings and upcoming events.

No worries if you accidentally joined the wrong one! Message the Webmaster to be removed from an incorrect grade level section.









The Purpose of Key Club // Finding Replacements

Hello! First, let's review our Key Club's Mission Statement.

Key Club is an international, student-led organization that provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.

1. We join Key Club because of the ENORMOUS impact we are able to make on others. This isn't just for hours. That's not the point of being a Key Club member. Please keep that in mind.

2. We join Key Club because our traits are to be selfless... and caring, our way of life. Be eager to help out! We are not here to play on our phones. There is a difference between volunteering and hanging out with friends.

3. Lastly, we join Key Club to develop real-world life skills. This includes how you prepare for a job. If someone decides to not show up without alerting their employer or not finding a replacement, they'd get fired.


As you may recall, negative hours are usually given to anyone who cannot find a replacement in time for an event (assuming you signed up for it and cannot attend). Please keep track of what events you have signed up for!
Please let the OCC that's in charge of the event know that you will be unable to make it as soon as possible! It will be your responsibility to find a replacement for yourself.

The OCC in charge may be able to help you look for someone. They can also have an Officer take off your sign-up for the event if you are sick, but make sure to message them at least 12 hours prior.

If you are unable to find a replacement the first time, it's okay! Please learn that you need to find a replacement because we need to give the organizer the number of people that can help out.