The Purpose of Key Club // Finding Replacements

Hello! First, let's review our Key Club's Mission Statement.

Key Club is an international, student-led organization that provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.

1. We join Key Club because of the ENORMOUS impact we are able to make on others. This isn't just for hours. That's not the point of being a Key Club member. Please keep that in mind.

2. We join Key Club because our traits are to be selfless... and caring, our way of life. Be eager to help out! We are not here to play on our phones. There is a difference between volunteering and hanging out with friends.

3. Lastly, we join Key Club to develop real-world life skills. This includes how you prepare for a job. If someone decides to not show up without alerting their employer or not finding a replacement, they'd get fired.


As you may recall, negative hours are usually given to anyone who cannot find a replacement in time for an event (assuming you signed up for it and cannot attend). Please keep track of what events you have signed up for!
Please let the OCC that's in charge of the event know that you will be unable to make it as soon as possible! It will be your responsibility to find a replacement for yourself.

The OCC in charge may be able to help you look for someone. They can also have an Officer take off your sign-up for the event if you are sick, but make sure to message them at least 12 hours prior.

If you are unable to find a replacement the first time, it's okay! Please learn that you need to find a replacement because we need to give the organizer the number of people that can help out.

New Committee Chair members!

Hello guys! The 2nd member of the K-Family Committee is NOT resigning. Therefore, that spot will not be open for interviewing/interviews anymore. We are sorry for any confusion!

Congrats to Vinita Acharya, who has been re-interviewed to replace Karen Nguyen, and is now on the Preferred Charities Committee!
Congrats to Esther Lee, who originally interviewed for Isabella Zhang’s previous K-Family Committee Chair position!

Fall Rally 2019

As you may or may not know, Fall Rally 2019 is approaching! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  •  "What exactly is fall rally?" 
    • The textbook definition of Fall Rally is the largest gather of Key Clubbers at Great Adventure (Six Flags) in New Jersey. 
  • "What do you spend the day doing?"
    • Throughout the day during Fall Rally, you and your fellow Key Clubbers travel by bus to Great Adventure (Six Flags) and get to experience a full day of rides, food and other attractions for a discounted price. 
  • "When is Fall Rally?"
    • Fall Rally 2019 is Saturday, October 13th.
  • "Do you get hours for participating?"
    • As Fall Rally is a Key Club hosted event, each member will get 12 hours for participating. Since going to Great Adventure with your friends is without a doubt fun, you essentially earn 12 free hours!!
  • "What's this year's Fall Rally theme?"
    • This year, our theme in New Jersey is "Swinging Into the Jungle of Service," and our local division jungle animal is the turtle. Each district will compete for the spirit stick, and the title 'King of the Jungle'.
  • "Where can I find more information about Fall Rally?"
    • To find out more about Fall Rally 2019, contact one of the officers located here, on the Board page, or view one of the attached flyers. 
  • "I want to go to Fall Rally! Where are the forms? How much does it cost?"
    • Fall Rally forms will be released on the website soon, located under the "Forms" tab. Check back daily! 

Fall Rally Informational PDF 

Fall Rally Into the Jungle Competition Guidelines 

Fall Rally Informational Video (from the district board) 

Member Highlight Survey

Member Highlight Survey 

Know a general member or an officer that has been doing an outstanding job in your club? Shout them out by filling out a Member Highlight for them! Every club member deserves to be recognized, especially the ones who arguably put more time into giving back than some of us do, so give them a shoutout. Fill out the form.


Interested in Key Club?

Interested in Key Club?


Interested in Key Club? 

To join Key Club over the summer:

  1. Contact an Officer on the Board page

  2. Inform them of your Name, Phone Number and Grade. (Freshman are applicable to join)

  3. To join the Remind, text @ehtkc to 81010

  4. Sign up for events that you are sure you will be attending

  5. When the school year starts, fill out and hand in your membership form & fees. 

    1. More about that can be found here, the forms tab! These are the forms from the previous year, and this year's forms will be uploaded soon!